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The office

ACBC was founded as a business law firm by René Paul ARAEZ and Eric CAZAURAN.

Both graduated in advanced legal studies, and having spent several years working as general counsel for leading advisiory companies, they decided in 1993 to build their own firm.  The firm started in the heart of Bayonne and in 2009, the firm built new premises in Espace Toki Lana, a modern office park in Bayonne. 

Since the founding of the firm, the focus has been to develop a pro-business platform dedicated to researching the best legal, tax and fiscal solutions for its clients.

The firm rapidly grew to be one of the leading legal firms in the region servicing the headquarters of European companies in surfwear, the steel industry, transport and biomedical.

ACBC also represents and advises merchants, small companies, craftsmen and independent contractors.

David BONNEMASON-CARRERE joined the law firm as partner in 2005. The firm took this opportunity to change its operating structure to a “inter-bar SELARL” and to create a second office in the city of Pau.

David BONNEMASON-CARRERE specializes in (alongside the general practice of ACBC) bankruptcy law (debt clearance plan, takeovers of ailing companies…) and sports law, advising regularly the company’s directors and players within the sports market (agents, sportsmen, sports clubs, companies managing the image of sportsmen and artists…)

Bertrand DAVID joined the firm as partner in 2015 to develop the tax and financial practice. Bertrand DAVID advises clients on complex equity transactions and international issues.

The two office locations of ACBC in Pau and Bayonne are ideally situated to service the needs and the development of the main companies in the region.

The firm now has 4 partners, 3 lawyers, 1 paralegal and 3 legal assistants.