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The litigation team of ACBC is providing a wide range of services related to business activities and benefits, in specific occasions, from the skills of other specialists at the office, notably concerning the tax aspects of the dispute or labour law and business law.

ACBC helps you identify the most appropriated procedure that meets your expectations should you be a company or an individual.

More specifically, the firm assists you in the following matters :

1 - Commercial litigation: Common commercial litigation, business law litigation, after-sale litigation.

2 - Civil litigations: Contract law, special contracts, civil responsibility and insurance, provisional measures.

3 - Droit des biens, droit immobilier et de la construction, droit des sûretés et voies d'exécution, droit de la propriété.

4 - Personnes et patrimoine : Divorce, procédures après divorce, régimes matrimoniaux, successions, adoption.