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René-Paul ARAEZ

René-Paul ARAEZ is a member of the bar of Bayonne since 1993.

During 5 years in Paris, he has been the Secretary-general of a road transport group named TOULLET (manufacturing of rolling devices:  semi-trailer trucks, armored vehicles and buses employing more than 2,500 people).

Within the scope of its activities he has been in charge of the negotiation of the takeover of businesses crucial to the development of the group, and has created a national and European distribution network and has set-up new companies in Spain and Portugal.

After having spent 2 years in the French leading law firm Fidal, he created ACBC with Eric CAZAURAN in 1993.

René-Paul has a strong experience in M&A transactions, and advises regularly local industrial groups notably with respect to distribution law.

When he old office at ACBC, René-Paul was advising company’s directors in their personal patrimony issues (donation, inheritance, divorce…)

He was assisting its clients on all their social issues from the hiring of new employees to the drafting and the modification of employment contracts, disciplinary proceedings and end of work relationships (redundancies, resignation, mutual agreement….).

He is now honorary counsellor.