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Business – Commercial property leases

ACBC intervenes in the implementation of new commercial property leases, their renewal and more generally on any issue linked to commercial property.

We assist our clients during litigations linked to commercial property leases (right for renewal, rents increase, despecialization indemnity).

ACBC advises you in the restructuring of your commercial real estate patrimony (sale of lease contracts, division of property right…).

The lawyers of ACBC have sound experience in sales of businesses.

We regularly assist tour clients on every aspects linked to the sale, the preparation of the project, the planning of all the consequences linked to the sale (consequences on the commercial lease, employment contracts, loans, administrative authorizations…).

The teams of ACBC are dedicated to the assistance of their clients, companies’ directors, in the key moments in the life of a company: sale of the business, renewal of a commercial property lease, negotiation of a new rent.