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Clear and fair prices fixed up-front.

➢ How do we operate ?

For the first meeting we charge for our advices based on the time spent (generally between ¾ and 1 hour). The fees are paid directly at the end of the meeting.

For more complex issues, for which an in-depth analysis is required, we issue a fee quote after the first meeting.

We issue an engagement letter detailing our services.

We charge advance payments, the amount of which is defined up-front.  

We only start our mission once the advance payment is received.

During our missions, and pursuant to what we have agreed with the client, we may invoice you on the basis of the works we have effectively performed and be reimbursed of the costs incurred to date.

➢ What are our prices ?

We base our prices on a fixed fee per hour ranging from € 150 to € 250 Excl. VAT, depending on the type of work.

We inform our clients, as far as possible, on the estimated costs for our missions and of the number of hours foreseen to complete our mission.

For much longer than expected missions, we inform our client in case the number of hours spent is exceeding more than 10 % the estimated budget and we sent a complementary invoice.

Terms and Conditions

➢ Subscriptions

Our regular customers prefer to take a subscription for legal assistance.

We follow-up the legal secretarial work of more than 300 companies than have chosen yearly subscriptions. We also offer subscriptions in terms of legal assistance in the management of staff.

Every subscription is freely negotiated on the basis of precise specifications.